What does SeoAccounts mean?

SeoAccounts. net membership means you get a Seo tools access on an affordable price as compared to original price. These accounts are for the medium users of SEO Tools. If you are heavy usage people please don’t purchase

Are these shared accounts or dedicated accounts?

Yes, SeAccounts.net means shared. All accounts are shared with the other people or multiple user.

Do you provide login details to the SEO tools? How do I get access to the accounts?

Yes, we provide the login details on some of the tools and also we provide Firefox portable browser with auto login details with lastpass. You just need to download Firefox portable and enter the lastpass details which we give to you once you purchase.

How do I get help if I need any? What are your support details?

We provide support on the main chat of the website, but only on US east coast working hours. And of course you can write us at support@seoaccounts.net at any time. We will get back to you in maximum 12 hours!

Are there any limitations in the accounts?

No, there is no limitation in any account. All account are shared to all members and mainly for light users. For normal users, these accounts work perfectly fine. There are some tools that are used more often that have at least 3 different accounts setted up at any time ! Ex : Ahrefs, Moz, SemRush, etc

Can I share your SEO tools with others?

No, never, If you are reselling customer or you want to share with any one, our seo tools or firefox portable please go away from us. We are serious business for serious people.

Can You Give Individual Account for Every User?

It’s a SHARING site, so we share it with all customers and purchase accounts; we can’t offer login that is individual to every user, so instead all users shares these tools equally.

Can You Offer Refund?

No, we don’t offer any refund anymore.  SeoAccounts.net has its problems,  no one can supply reliable service that is 100%, and that’s the reason that values over $ 5000 for. So if you have the dispute to open if service has problems don’t purchase the subscription. Don’t take risks with your money that is precious.

For this particular reason we decide to let you in first month with a very reasonable fee, only 19.99$, to see what is all about and decide if you want to continue with us!

If A Tool Not Working, Can I Get Refund?

If you want one specific tool, no, please don’t purchase the subscription, we’re providing all in 1 service for few. We’re paying over $7000 to instrument suppliers. Its take it or leave it deal.

What SEO premium tools DATA I can access with my SeoAccounts subscription ?

You can see a up to date list of seo tools if you log in your members panel. We add new tools from time to time, but as a base you will be able to access: Majestic.com , Ahrefs.com, Moz.com, SpyFu, SemRush, SeoMator and others. We have right now 64 different tools for internet markeing queries!

How does the payment process work? When will I get my accounts?

After your registration as member is complete you are redirected to the Paypal checkout screen where you complete your payment. After that, you will instantly have access to Members Area screen.

In members area you can access a protected page of this site where you will find all the login details for each and every website provided by us (64 for the moment).

In this page we will make the updates to all the accounts from time to time to protect ourselves from data thieves that will be among us!

How I can pay ? Can I use my credit card ?

We currently accept payments only from Paypal. If required, please suggest us a preferable payment processor of your choice and we may add it.

You may use your credit card on PayPal. Also all our accounts are verified so you are shopping in safe waters.

What to do if I have problems subscribing with PayPal ?

To checkout with PayPal you must have a credit card attached to your PayPal account. If you do not, you cannot subscribe to recurring payments.

Do you offer free trials ?

Unfortunately we can not offer free trials as we did it in the past and our data gathered have been heavily abused (hacking attempts, password reset, sharing etc).

In order to keep our service operable and safe for our members we require an active subscription from every member. We have a first month at very low price 19,99$ for 64 tools. That is all we can do at this time!

What will happen when my subscription expire ?!

If you’re not renewing your subscription with us your will not be able to access the accounts data anymore.

Do You Change Accounts?

Yes, we change accounts once in a while as we cannot always confirm whether the login details were shared or not. We have to protect ourselves from data thieves that make account only for stealing our login details.

The only thing that will keep them appart will be changing the passwords from time to time. But No worry, you will have it uploaded in real time on our protected page with membership acces only!

How I can make sure SeoAccounts keep their promises ?!

Unfortunately we receive this question quite often from customers that have not tried our services yet.

I understand you may be reticent because some of our competitors deliver poor work and/or do not offer support at all. That’s not the case here. Please take the time to check our Testimonials page.

You may chat with us here on the site before ordering and if is your 1st order you may try first month at only 19,99$, instead of 49,99$, which is the usual price for our 64 tools.

You will see we OVER DELIVER most of the time just to keep our customers happy. That’s why most of them return to us and we feel great about this.

Do you offer any additional services?

As a matter of fact we do! Please check our blog section to find out latest tutorials about using those 64 tools that we provide and other seo offers that might interest you.

We are a SEO agency that gives proven results so will be more than happy to discuss your project and work with you.

How Do I Cancel The Membership?

There’s no way to cancel your subscription in the middle of the subscription period. Cancel your Paypal auto payment.

You can always subscribe again at any time if you canceled, no additional charge involved.

Is This Business Legal?

All our accounts are purchased legally, not hacked. However, most providers do not want their services to be shared between multiple users, thus imposing limits to the plans by several ways.

We are bound to use the accounts under their provided limits. Normally, you won’t face any issues as each account is shared with a very limited number of people so that every user gets a fair usage chance.