What is Adfox.io?

What is Adfox.io?

Facebook is the leading social media site with over a billion of active users currently and close to almost a billion mobile users and it will continue to grow. It has been a great source of traffic for affiliates and although the advertisement cost has gone higher but still there are lot of rooms and opportunities, to make most out of Facebook advertisement.

When it comes to traffic quality and volume from social media sites, Facebook has no match. That’s being the sole reason why advertiser’s spend thousands of dollars every day on Facebook advertisement. Before I go into more in-depth details about Facebook Advertisement, let’s have a closer look at the statics of Facebook and why Facebook ad spy tools are so much in demand.

So, the pictures above tell everything about the quality and volume of traffic Facebook has in store for all its advertisers. Those of you, who are serious about Facebook marketing knows the importance of Facebook ad intelligence tool and how it can make a difference. It doesn’t only help in keeping yourself updated about what offers are running on Facebook but also helps in keeping a close eye on your competitor’s and their activities.

What Is Adfox?

AdFox.io is a comprehensive, powerful and very easy-to-use Facebook ad intelligence tool. It can help you find the best performing ads for any desired niche on Facebook, and also helps you in reducing your CPC by giving you meaningful insights and improve your CTR by upto 60%.

There are many competitive ad intelligence services out there but AdFox.io specializes only in Facebook ads and takes quite the pride in providing the highest quality service among its competitors with top notch support round the clock. Adfox doesn’t only give you insight about your competitor’s campaigns but also help you in finding new profitable campaigns, their angle, ad creatives used, landing pages the ad is linked to, sales funnel etc with just a click of a button.

Main Features Of Adfox:-

  • Huge Ever-updating database of Facebook ads.
  • Covers 9 countries in their ad search (United States, United kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany).
  • Very user friendly and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Provides data for sidebar ads (as off now).
  • Adfox ad alert system based on keywords.
  • Adfox ad monitor system to monitor specific ads.
  • Adfox saved ads system, to save specific ads to your account.
  • Advance ad search filters.

How Adfox Works:-

This is a video presentation of how Adfox.io works.

The first step is to find Facebook ads based on keywords (diet, auto, credit, insurance etc) and also using the advanced filters available in member’s dashboard panel.

Finding Teespring campaigns has never been so easy. You can find any campaigns if you know advertiser’s landing domain. Just search using advertiser’s domain and any related ads will show up.

Let’s have a look at how the ad spy looks like. When you open any ads, you will be able to view everything about the ad like ad creatives, ad title, ad description, ad landing page, times seen, start date and end date and last but not the least 13 more ads posted on Facebook by the same advertiser.


You can save the ad to your profile which you can study later or you can monitor the ad if it’s a ongoing campaign.

You see ad engagement level, times seen and click through rate. At the same time Adfox provides you with 13 more ads by the same advertiser.

Now let’s have a look at the performance of the ad we have been studying so far.

Voila, I’ve have got a winning campaign. A teespring campaign which has actually met its requirement of minimum number of sales to go for printing. Now, I have the ad copy, design and all the details to replicate the campaign and start my own teespring campaign. Finding profitable campaign has never been so easy. Adfox can really be one hell of a powerful Facebook ad competitive intelligence tool in your marketing tool arsenal.

Breaking The Bank With Adfox

Adfox provides you with everything you need to find and spy on profitable Facebook Ads. Adfox assists in reducing your CPC by providing meaningful insights and aslo helps in improving your CTR by upto 60%. When you have all the details, ad copy then breaking the bank isn’t a tough job anymore. Sky-rocketing your campaign has never been so easy, with the help of Adfox’s intelligence data, Adfox ad alert and ad motitor system you will always be one step ahead of your competitors.

How to Get started with Adfox?

To get started with Adfox is very simple. Follow the 3 steps to launch your profitable Facebook ad campaign sooner than you can think.

  1. Register on Adfox.
  2. Research new campaigns on Adfox.
  3. Launch your campaign on Facebook.

Adfox Cost 

Generally Adfox is priced $99/month which is much lesser than its competitors. Other similar service charge $147/month and another similar service (Lots of ads) will cost you upto $399/month. But now you can use this marvellous tool, along with other 60 softwares with only 19.99$ first month and 49.99$ per month after first month. So ..what do you think about this offer? I you have decided already jump on board by Premium Access here.

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